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Welcome to the website of the International Cognitive Load Theory Association (ICLTA)

The International Cognitive Load Theory Association (ICLTA) is a research-based, not-for-profit academic association for encouraging study, research and service in the field of Cognitive Load Theory.

Cognitive load theory (CLT) is an instructional theory based on our knowledge of human cognitive architecture. That architecture assumes a limited capacity, limited duration working memory used to process novel information and a large long-term memory used to store knowledge that has been acquired for subsequent use. Knowledge stored in long-term memory is assumed to eliminate the capacity and duration limits of working memory. The theory has been used to generate a wide range of instructional procedures. The aim of each instructional procedure is to optimise working memory load to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in long-term memory. The comparative effectiveness of all instructional procedures based on the theory has been tested using replicated, randomized, controlled trials.

The aim of ICLTA is to encourage research into instructional design based on cognitive load theory, facilitate the dissemination of the research findings to individuals and bodies for whom instructional design is relevant and assist communication between the many people around the globe who use cognitive load theory.

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